Language aspectWebML


Package Summary
webML The root package of the WebML language.
concernComposition The concernComposition package abstracts over different composition mechanisms, i.e., asymmetric and symmetric ones.
asymmetricConcernComposition The asymmetricConcernComposition package provides concepts for asymmetrically composing concerns.
symmetricConcernComposition The symmetricConcernComposition package provides concepts for symmetrically composing concerns.

Copyright Andrea Schauerhuber, Cornelia Tomasek (Vienna University of Technology, 2007)
Note: This documentation is partly based upon WebRatio's WebML User Guide (for further information on WebRatio see, 'Designing Data-Intensive Web Applications' [S.Ceri, P. Fraternali, A. Bongio, M. Brambilla, S. Comai, M. Matera, 2003] (for further information see and 'Model-driven Development of Context-Aware Web Applications' [S. Ceri, F. Daniel, M. Matera, F. M. Facca. ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, 2007, 7(1)]